Guso Janitorial Services can customize an array of services in order to meet the exact needs of your office or business.

  • Entrance/Lobby: Empty and clean waste receptacles. Clean metal hardware and polish if needed. Clean glass entrance doors inside and out. Clean and disinfect reception area. Pick up and arrange any reading materials in lobby.
  • Office/workstations: Empty and clean waste receptacles and change liners. Vacuum areas, sweep and/or dust mop office floors. Clean and disinfect chairs, desks, tables, filling cabinets and other furniture. Disinfect telephones, clean and disinfect office machines, dust high ledges, partitions, moldings and other flat surfaces. Rearrange furniture to original order.
  • Rest Rooms: Clean and disinfect fixtures and chrome fittings. Clean, disinfect and refill dispensers from stock. Clean and disinfect toilet seats and undersides. Spot wash walls, partitions and doors. Clean mirrors and polish hardware. Clean and disinfect floors.
  • Lunch/Break Rooms: Clean and disinfect counter tops. Clean exterior of appliances, coffee pots, teapots, toaster and refrigerator as needed; clean and disinfect floors.
  • Hallway & Public Areas: Clean and disinfect drinking fountains. Dust and/or sweep stairs, landings and handrails. Vacuum air grills. Vacuum carpeted areas.
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We will be happy to provide the following services at reasonable additional charge, with at least 48 hours prior notice:

  • Day Porter
  • Clean interior of refrigerator and kitchen cabinets
  • Pressured washing
  • Commercial Painting
  • Ordering of all your janitorial supplies through our partner supplier
  • Replacement of ceiling bulbs

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